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15 Years of Excellence & Passion for Brand-Building


RAVEL is the current generation of what started in 2005 as a remote brand and marketing agency.

Our client results come from our ability to apply critical thinking and creative strategy to your brand.

We don’t staff administrative positions or hire mid-level people. Operating remotely keeps our costs low, and we only partner with those with a proven record of results!

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Hi! I’m Wendy Van Ryn…


I won’t give you the cliche how-much-I-love-coffee statement, but here is a bit of my story:

I love pizza.

No really, I do.  🙂

I’ve worked with companies of various sizes and in a range of industries – from local brick-and-mortar businesses to education institutions, online-only brands, nonprofit organizations, and service-based agencies.

My experience gives me an edge in understanding diverse business needs, and providing tailored solutions for each client.

Prior to the first generation of RAVEL, I worked in a fast-paced advertising agency, managing projects and communication between account executives, creative staff, and the production department.

My expertise is looking at the big picture of where a business wants to go… and helping them identify the steps to get there.

My tactical advantage is having worked in every major role of brand strategy, marketing, and advertising…

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5235 E. Southern Ave., Suite D-106-181, Mesa, AZ 85206