what is ravel?

Ravel means to untie and tie up. That’s what we do – we diagnose the issues standing in the way of your business growth.

Think of us as your own investigative brand consultants.

Ravel: a contronym & verb, meaning to untie [knots / tangles] and tie back up


RAVEL is the current generation of what started in 2005 as a remote branding and marketing agency.

We don’t staff administrative positions or hire mid-level people. Operating remotely not only keeps our overhead costs extremely low, it also enables us to work only with professionals who have a track record of results.

get exactly what you need…


Founder, Brand Strategist, IdeaSchemer

Hello! I won’t give you the cliche how-much-I-love-coffee statement, but here is a bit of my story:

I love pizza.

No really, I do.


In all seriousness, I’m a natural visionary, strategist, and thrive on solving business problems.

I had a job as a professional writer for two years. My college path appeared to be journalism, until I ended up at an advertising agency. The creative world soon called, and by 2005 I started Pixel Perfect, an agency focused on providing smart brand and marketing solutions for established businesses.

Since then, I’ve worked with companies of all sizes, and in a range of industries, such as sole proprietors, partner-run, and an international publicly-traded company.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with client teams overseas, developers who’ve needed white-label branding strategy or design for their clients, and a university in Uganda, Africa.

My strengths are in the big picture of branding strategy, communications, and design, buuuut I don’t do things halfway…

So… in 2006 I learned how to write standards-compliant HTML & CSS. The online world was rapidly changing then, so I also learned how to develop in Joomla & WordPress. (It was the leverage I used to grow my business.)

Working in a technical capacity gave me the ability and experience to know how to successfully move a user from point A to point B. While I no longer personally do development or technical work, I love to help clients understand the customer journey and how important user experience and creative strategy are to that process.

I deeply understand the connection between branding and sales strategy. From the development and position of the brand in the marketplace to messaging and marketing, and eventually closing the sale, each phase is crucial because it links to the next.

My approach is client-supported, market-informed, and data driven. This ensures the risks for clients are as low as possible, while the potential for rewards is the greatest.

Want to connect? Drop me a line and let’s talk about your business!

mailing address:

5235 E. Southern Ave., Suite D-106-181, Mesa, AZ 85206