Email Marketing Design

Canvas World | California

email marketing


by Wendy Van Ryn

CanvasWorld needed an update to their email marketing design templates. Previous designs had heavy shadows and dated graphics, with gradients and beveled edges. Images showing the canvases felt overly bright and unnatural.

To update the look, I created a new design, stripped of the former shading and shadows. I used flat graphics and clean lines with accenting colors, focusing on the promotion and call to action.

Different text, colors and positions of the call to action were explored, as well as the addition of neutral colors for balance. Blues, greens, and neutrals are among the most popular home colors, so I used them as a backdrop to provide context. Orange was the actionable color I contrasted the promotional banner and social media icons with.

I also integrated updated photographic elements that featured a natural environment. This gave the design a true to life appearance that would easily resonate with CanvasWorld customers.