Improving User Experience

FreePrints | California



by Wendy Van Ryn

UI/UX Design | Messaging | Designs for Mobile site & Landing Pages

FreePrints is a multi-faceted product: a free mobile app available on multiple platforms, and online app within the PhotoAffections website. With no subscriptions or commitments, users get up to 85 free photo prints delivered to their door each month. The app is available in the US, UK, Germany, & France.

I contracted as the senior designer, collaborating with the chief creative officer, developers, and others to upgrade the FreePrints brand and online presence.


  • Creation of various landing pages
  • Mobile site design
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Messaging strategy
  • Email marketing design
  • Signage design concepts
  • In-app marketing, ads, banners

While I do not have the exact percentages, I did attend the company quarterly meeting after the launch, and the data revealed an unprecedented increase in the number of app downloads and free print requests.



Landing pages included versions for FreePrintsNow, FreePrintsApp (including the mobile site), and a page specific for customers.

App users tend to be female, so mockups with varying imagery of women were evaluated. Content and placement was modified throughout the project as well.


Simplifying the messaging was important. The old pages explained the features of the app and how it worked, but were not as clear as they could be. Reworking the copy into a three-step process and separating it with dividers made it easier for the user to spot the information, and quicker to read.

These sections were broken down into two actions and one result: selecting photos, choosing prints, and home delivery.


Redesigning the online version of the app within the PhotoAffections site required simultaneously simplifying the process for the user, and updating the design and graphics.

From launching the app to the shopping cart and checkout, each screen was mocked up with instructions of how the module would progress.

screenshots of app redesign in process


At left is a concept for a large floor decal for the Oakland Airport. At right is a duratrans concept for the Hollywood Burbank Airport

airport advertising concepts - floor decal and duratrans