Rebrand: Simply to Impress

– Calabasas, California –

Reaching a new market through style, design, & an improved shopping experience.

Simply to Impress provides one-of-a-kind stationery keepsakes for special occasions. Their invitations, announcements, and stationery bridge the gap between fine art and photography.


Simply to Impress was founded in 2003 as a small female-owned business. Having grown into a company with executive support and administrative staff, the brand continued to focus on its dedication to products, quality, and service.

Simply to Impress had only incrementally updated its brand identity. As the number of online competitors had increased since its founding, (as well as the expectations of customers), continued growth would require elevating their brand position.

Together we worked to target a new, younger demographic of women that value luxury products without the high prices. 


A/B testing was done throughout the project to ensure optimal success. The results were a 330% increase in revenue over the same quarter the previous year.


Increasing conversion through an entirely new image for Simply to Impress was simultaneously an overhaul and iterative process.

  • Elevated brand positioning and improving brand image through updated visuals / styling
  • Updated brand messaging / copy
  • Redesign of entire site, including landing pages, category pages, designer app, and shopping cart / funnel
  • UI/UX improvements to app (card customizer)
  • Redesigned and integrated new styling for email marketing
  • Development of sitewide banners, graphics, icons
  • Redesign of print collateral


From graphics and banners to typography, colors, and rebuilt modules, we revised the design for nearly every page and created new assets (icons, graphics, and images) for each. We used placeholders for professional photography, and integrated those as received.

We reworked copy for some of the pages, and provided the messaging and design for the CTAs (calls to action) and banners.


We worked with the team’s developers to implement non-graphic related changes as well. Since the site is made up of proprietary code, we designed mockups and provided CSS styling directly.


The main navigation was rearranged and populated with images of top-sellers. Removing the side menu was not an option due to high CTR (click-through rates), so we simplified it by removing the bulky icons and reworking the typography, increasing readability. The filter on the product landing page (PLP) was updated, and a new filter indicating search results, results per page, and pagination options were put in place.

Throughout the redesign, we made modifications to landing pages, quickview pop-ups, and product details pages (PDP), to perfect how the information was displayed, while maintaining necessary text for conversion and SEO.

holiday category landing page design
thumbnails product listing page with quickview


The Designer is the app for customizing a product before adding it to the shopping cart. Streamlining and creating consistency throughout the app was important.

We put the app and cart checkout process through the same upgrade process, by creating all new assets, simplifying the type styling, and evaluating and modifying each page in the design app.

Maintaning a sense of familiarity for the strong base of repeat customers was important, as well. We kept the general layout but integrated the new design and enhanced visual cues, such as a breadcrumb trail for reference, and option to save the design for later.

This screenshot show some of the mockups I created during the project:



Updating the email templates was imperative. The old styles were heavy and dated, with bulky graphics and shadows. We stripped those out, created flat graphics, and integrated updated product photography, while keeping the focus on the promos and CTAs.


The target date for the site launch was prior to the start of the holiday season, so every email was designed specifically for the holiday campaign, from Black Friday through New Year’s Day.

We created 5 different designs, each layout with the flexibility to be modified for future seasons or campaigns.

Black Friday Email Blast
holiday email blast design
rustic holiday email design
jeweled holiday email blast design
sparkle new year's email blast design


The feminine aesthetic and appeal of the brand was enhanced in various banners, hero images, and graphics:

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