Sports Therapy & LMT Identity

Casey Jindra | Colorado Springs, CO

sports therapy logo


by Wendy Van Ryn


Having worked with clients ranging from car accident victims to Olympians for three years, Casey Jindra set out to form a business concept which would focus on biomechanics, massage, and accelerated recovery techniques.

As a competitive obstacle course racer with a degree in Exercise Science, and LMT with multiple certifications in massage and functional therapy, Casey decided to set up a studio inside a new CrossFit gym. This enabled her to maintain existing clientele while serving athletes. The goal of her identity as a brand was to portray a partnership with clients desiring more than temporary relief, but transformation and healing through proper form and mechanics of movement.


Form. Reform. Transform. encompasses three word cues, or components:

Form = represents the physical body

Reform = represents healing of the body, and bringing it back to natural function

Transform = represents the process and end result of a body that has been brought to a state of wellbeing

I developed this three-word tagline of sorts as a key component of Casey’s brand and message. Her goal isn’t to just “fix the problem and move on.” Her passion is helping others eliminate chronic pain, establish optimum health and function, and reestablish patterns of movement that bring her clients freedom and wellbeing to their lives. This comes through client education to retrain movements, as well as provide specific therapies and tools the client can do on their own to maintain health and wellness.


As a female with a name that can easily be mistaken as male, Casey wanted her logo to be fairly neutral, since many of her clients are male. A simple monogram seal using Casey’s initials is reminiscent of two hands connected in partnership; a true characteristic of Casey’s personality and genuine care for her clients.

While black is the primary version used, a teal was chosen for its softer appeal.

sports therapy colors