Creating a brand, business, or product can be overwhelming.

We sort through the chaos to bring you clarity.

Wendy Van Ryn

Wendy Van Ryn

Owner / #IdeaSchemer

Years of Experience:
Branding & Marketing Strategy / 13
Messaging & Copy / 15
Print Design / 13
Web & Digital Design / 11

Hello! I won’t give you the cliche how-much-I-love-coffee statement, but I will get the basics out of the way…

Visionary by nature, I work best with people and ideas. In short, I help businesses attract, persuade, and sell. As a creative, I love the process of ideation and brainstorming ways to differentiate from other brands.

Since starting my business in 2005, I’ve worked with companies of all sizes, and in a range of industries – from sole proprietors to partner-run, and an international publicly-traded company.

I’ve worn the hats of branding, marketing, and communications strategist, as well as designer and developer. (Yes, I wrote code and worked extensively on site dev, once upon a time!)

I know the creative industry inside and out, but my personal strengths lie in communication, strategy, and helping a business owner identify the *shortest route* to the results they desire.

Tom Van Ryn

Tom Van Ryn

Owner / Product Designer

Years of Experience:
3D Modeling / 16
Developing Engineering Standards / 6
Creating Design Processes / 6
Design in the Auto Industry / 7

I’m an expert product designer with a knack for blending art and engineering.

I’m also a strong integrator who can easily develop teams, prioritize tasks, and streamline processes.

My skills are working with proportion, details, and interesting shapes to create a product that is more than the sum of its parts. I enjoy the challenge of developing for function and aesthetic.

I’m also – yep – a car guy. That’s a little cliche, but I don’t mind.

While my passion and expertise is in wheels and automotive, I’ve worked on a variety of projects over the last 10 years. Because of the unique complexities in this field, I’m able to easily translate my skills to other products and industries.

I’m also a strong proponent of creating standards and procedures to operate within. Implementing these for clients has allowed me to drastically reduce their lead times. The results from streamlining not only improve a company’s efficiency, but profitability as well.

You can see more of my work here.

Unseen and soon forgotten, the journey is the art.